You are invited to take part in the NFT Funded House Project (#NFTFHP)!


What is it?

It’s a project to fund the purchase of a house (from here on referred to as The House) through the sale of NFTs.


Has this been done before?

Many have no doubt used their NFT profits to purchase houses, cars, and other goods, but never before has a project been entirely dedicated to it.


How does it work?

Below is a table made up of 1000 cells. Each cell represents part of a photograph of The House. Whenever the corresponding NFT is purchased from the OpenSea platform, that cell will be replaced with the corresponding photo part and part of the house will be revealed. When all 1000 cells are replaced, you’ll be able to see the full house.


Is this 'the next big thing'?

It most certainly is, so you'd better jump on board now!

The Table

A few more answers to your questions


What's in it for me?

1. You’ll be part of a first-of-its kind project.

2. You’ll add to your NFT collection.

3. Once all 1000 NFTs are sold (and the house is purchased!) I will build a wall in the garden of the house and everyone who has bought an NFT to fund this project (that means you) will have their names inscribed on a brick, regardless of the NFT attributes. So you’ll be a permanent part of the project, even when it is complete!


What’s stopping me from going to OpenSea, putting all the NFTs together and seeing the The House?

On OpenSea, you will be purchasing an NFT bearing the number that corresponds to the cell on this page. Once you have made the purchase, the cell will be replaced with that corresponding part of the photo here.

You will be able to see live progress as NFTs are sold.

To keep up to date with this project, follow the hashtag #NFTFHP on Twitter.


Tell me about these NFTs!

There are 1000 NFTs available, but as with most things, these are not created equal. There are five levels to choose from:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Ultra Black

The Five Levels

Here's some more information on the five levels of NFT available


0.2 ETH

Quantity: 752

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0.4 ETH

Quantity: 158

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0.6 ETH

Quantity: 62

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0.8 ETH

Quantity: 26

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Ultra Black


Quantity: 2

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These NFTs are minted on the Polygon network, so there are no gas fees. Fantastic!

Each cell that you see in the table represents one part of the photo. As the table becomes filled, you’ll see that the photo parts are tiny – just 171 x 13 pixels! Now, because that is a pretty small NFT to have, the NFT that you purchase will be an image measuring 500 x 500 pixels – that’s twice the size of the samples above.

You want even more details, don't you? Here you go...


Tell me more about The House!

I don’t want to give away too much yet – soon (hopefully) you’ll have a complete picture of The House anyway, but here’s some details:

Location: United Kingdom

House Spec: 3 bedroom detached house, with garage

On the market since: August 2016

Occupancy: Empty

That’s all I’m saying for now! The House is quite run down, as you’ll see from the image, so the aim of this project is to raise funds to not only purchase The House, but also to carry out some extensive repairs to it too.


Where did you say I can purchase an NFT from?

Get them from the OpenSea platform here

NFT Funded House Project


How else can I support this amazing project?

Get on Twitter and use the Hashtag #NFTFHP

Follow me - @The_NFTCreator for the most up-to-date news


Does buying one of these NFTs mean that I own part of the house???

Err - no. No, you own the NFT. I think that that's pretty obvious, but thought it was best to get that out there.